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Terms & Conditions




Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to services provided by Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean and any of our services which may be hosted on third party partner sites and applications. Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean Ltd. is a company duly incorporated with limited liability in the Turks and Caicos Islands. These terms set forth the legally binding terms for you, the (“user”) of our “services” under this “agreement”.

These booking conditions apply to you the (“user”) and to all persons included your booking and by using our Services, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If the Booking was made on your behalf by a third party, your continued use of our Services means you agree to these Terms. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, please do not make a Booking Request (as defined below) nor use our Services.

Additionally, by using the services you also agree to be bound by any terms and conditions as published on all platforms, including but not limited to the Privacy Policy and other guidelines on the platforms, which are applicable and hereby incorporated by reference into these Terms, in absence of such clauses in these Terms.


Booking and Booking Requests

“Booking” means a ‘Booking Request’ that has been confirmed by us and notified to you as being accepted.  We reserve the right to decline any Booking Request at our discretion and will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of this.

“Booking Request” means a request by you for our agent/s to meet you at the Providenciales International Airport on arrival and/or departure and escort you thru Immigration, Customs and/or Security with the use of our security-priority access. For luxury airport transfers, it means meeting you at the pickup point and transporting you to your destination. A Booking Request will only be a Booking if you have received an email or other notification from us expressly confirming that Booking Request. All Bookings are subject to the terms of this Agreement.


Travel Documentation

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have all the correct travel documentation such as passports and visas if applicable on arrival in Turks and Caicos. All passengers must have accurately completed the required Turks and Caicos Islands Government Immigration and Customs Forms prior to disembarking the aircraft.  Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean Ltd. is not responsible for the provision of these forms where they have not issued by the flight crew on the aircraft.

Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean Ltd. will not be responsible for delays or any denied access resulting from insufficient or out of date documentation and/or unissued, inaccurate or incomplete Immigration and Customs Forms.


Priority check in/ boarding

Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean Ltd. cannot guarantee priority at airline check in or during the airline boarding process.  Using an airlines priority check in lane or priority boarding will depend on the class of ticket the customer has, for the airline carrier they are travelling with, or if they have purchased a product related to these services directly from the carrier.  In this instance, it is the customers’ responsibility to produce the relevant documentation at the time of check in. 



Concierge agents cannot arrange or provide upgrades for passengers – this would need direct discussion between the passenger and the airline or its handling agent.


Porterage Services

Airport concierge agents are not insured to carry passenger baggage, including cabin baggage. Public baggage trolleys will be provided when and where available. If there is a charge for this trolley, it will be included as part of the overall total cost already paid for. A porter could be available at some airports, where they operate, but any associated charges would be charged as an extra payment, if required.


Services provided by third parties

Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean Ltd. may from time to time provide luxury airport transfer services through a third-party service provider (e.g. chauffeur or taxi driver). In such circumstances, Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean will act on an agency basis and will not accept any liability for any services provided by a third-party company.


Use of the airport lounge

Please note that Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean Ltd. do not provide lounge services. The purpose for our services is to enable our customers to spend more time enjoying their vacation and minimize the time spent waiting at the airport.


Duration of Service Delivery

Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean cannot guarantee the duration of service delivery.  Typically, the duration of our service is 10 to 20 minutes.


Payment and Fees

We require payment in advance and at the time of the Booking. Customer’s will be required to make payment to Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean Ltd. via a supplied Worldpay link, when notified that we have received their booking request.  It is the customer’s responsibility to complete payment within 24 hours of receiving this link.  If the payment is not made within this time the booking request will be cancelled.

Kindly note, we do not accept presently accept American Express or Discover.


Charges for Children

Children 2 years and under at time of travel will be free. Children at the age of 3 and above will be charged at full adult rate.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellation charges will depend on when Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean receives notice of the cancellation. With any cancellations made within:

24 hours of service time or less, I00% of the customer’s payment is lost and no refund is due.

48 hours of service time or less, 50% of the customer’s payment is lost and 50% refund is due.

72 hours of service time or less, 25% of the customer’s payment is lost and 75% refund is due.

Any refunds due, will be paid within 7 working days. Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean Ltd. is not responsible for delays outside of our control including flight delays or diverts, check in, immigration and baggage reclaim disruption.

There is a 20% surcharge associated with cancellation of any services booked for either of the following public holiday or peak periods: Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, President’s Day Weekend.


Liability for Sum Charged

Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean Ltd. total liability shall not exceed the total sum paid by the customer, that we have charged for the booking.


Telephone Contact

At SkyPass Caribbean, we prioritize the protection of your privacy and the security of your personal information. We are committed to ensuring that any information you provide to us, especially your mobile information, is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

Kindly ensure that the you are accessible on the telephone number you provide at the time of booking to aide in the communication between you as our valued customer and our airport concierge agents.

We want to reassure you that no mobile information will be shared with third parties or affiliates for marketing or promotional purposes. Your trust is paramount to us, and we respect your right to privacy.

However, it’s important to note that the above statement does not apply to text messaging originator opt-in data and consent. We will not share this information with any third parties. Your decision to opt-in to receive text messages from us is respected, and we will only use this information for the purposes outlined in our communications with you related to your bookings and any associated services.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy practices or how we handle your information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your privacy and satisfaction are our top priorities.


Flight Information and Flight Changes

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct information at the time of booking covering such data as flight number, arrival or departure time and dates.

It is the responsibility of Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean to monitor flight information for an arrival service, If the flight arrival time changes at very short notice the airport concierge agent assigned will get to the new flight time as soon as possible but please use the mobile number given, to reach them if they are not at the door when you arrive. 

Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean Ltd. is not responsible for delays outside of our control including flight delays or diverts, check in, immigration and baggage reclaim disruption.


Late Arrival at Airport on Departure

Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean LTD. does not take responsibility for passengers arriving late at the airport on departure which results in a customer not being able to check in and the subsequent inability to deliver the planned service.  When using our Airport Fast Track Departure Services, you, as the customer, will be provided with an allocated time slot for meeting an airport concierge agent at curbside at the Providenciales International Airport Departure Terminal.  If you get delayed on your way to the airport you must contact us, using the number we will have provided on the booking confirmation, as soon as possible.  Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean Ltd. reserve the right to cancel the service you have booked with us if you not arrive within the time slot or you do not show up at the airport, 15 minutes after the confirmed time.  In either instance Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean Ltd. will not be liable to issue a refund.


Force Majeure

“Force Majeure” means without limitation, any event or circumstance beyond the affected party’s reasonable control rendering performance impossible or impractical, including but not be limited to acts outside human control, fire, flood, earthquake, windstorm, storm, extreme weather conditions or other natural disaster, epidemic, pandemic or serious risk to health, war, threat of or preparation for war, armed conflict, closure of airspace, imposition of sanctions, embargo, breaking off of diplomatic relations or similar actions, terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots, labour disputes involving complete or partial stoppages of work or delay in the performance of work, Acts of God, power failure, or any act of any government or public authority, loss of systems, networks, equipment or data (including, without limitation, the Internet or any telecommunications or utilities network or equipment)


Customer Feedback

We strive daily to ensure excellence in the delivery of our services to you. If you wish to make a suggestion regarding our services, please write to us via email res@skypasscaribbean.com Any disputes or complaints should be sent in writing to mgmt@skypasscaribbean.com as soon as possible (in any event not later than thirty (30) days of the service taking place)

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

Airhosts Ltd. dba/ SkyPass Caribbean Ltd. reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time, without notice, at its discretion within reason